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Bridgeport Golf Cars
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We are proud to be a family owned and operated business 10 years and running.

Golf Car Rentals

Bridgeport Golf Cars

Monthly Rentals

Phone: 714-458-7836

Monthly Golf Car Rentals

Do you need a golf car for a month?

Bridgeport Golf Cars if you are looking to rent a golf car for a month or longer, we can provide you with your needs. Please give us a call so we can schedule delivery.

Give us a call today: 714-458-7836

Golf Car Rentals

Call us for your golf car rental needs..

Maintenance Vehicles

Golf Cars are not just for golfing anymore.
Golf Carts

Not just for Golfing! The trend with golf carts.

People across the United States are using golf cars more and more for other purposes rather than just golfing. Some people are using golf cars in commercial campuses moving people over their large plants, building or industrial fields. Contact us so we can help you with the right type of golf cars for your application needs.


Wedding Rentals

Plan your Wedding

Are you planning your wedding? We can help transport your guest to and from the wedding reception area, parking location and more. Give us a call for this unique type of transportation for your wedding guests.



We rent our golf cars, for special events, weddings and more.

Golf Car Accessories

  • Image Battery
    Replacement Golf Car Batteries
  • Image Custom Wheels
    Customize your golf cart wtih new wheels
  • Image Service
    Golf Car service and repair
  • Image Golf Car Tires
    Golf car replacement tires

Serving The Los Angeles and Orange County California Areas

Golf Cars, Utility Vehicles

Golf Car utility vehicle

Need a utility vehicle? Call us today: 714-458-7836

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